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Investigation of the Model of Testing for Weapons and Military Equipment

EasyChair Preprint no. 3458

9 pagesDate: May 21, 2020


The effective functioning of the testing institution is related to the systematic, precise and timely tests of weapon specimens and military equipment. The planning of test activities should ensure a continuous process of testing. However, the excessive and uneven arrival rate of specimens for test might adversely affect the planned testing process. To check the magnitude of the possible impact, the statistical parameters of the input flow of testing requests were calculated. The magnitude of the input flow is determined, the central, second and third moments are calculated, the distribution law of the request rate is determined, the coefficient of variation of the time interval between requests is determined. However, the calculated numerical values of the statistical characteristics of the input flow revealed no significant risks for significantly reducing the efficiency of the testing institution. Analysis of the statistics revealed some deviation of the actual test time of the separate specimens from the planned value. The study of this deviation revealed the influence of some external and internal factors that accompany the test process. Such deviations can lead to negative effects: delay in the testing procedure of subsequent specimens or the testing institution inoperative in the intervals between tests. A further solution to the problem of ensuring the effective functioning of the testing institution is to develop a mechanism that allows take into account the factors of influence and determine a priori the test time deviation of a specific specimen from the planned time with some degree of certainty.

Keyphrases: equipment, Military, Queuing, testing, weapon

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