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Geospatial Modeling of the Infrastructure Facility Optimal Location

EasyChair Preprint no. 5537

7 pagesDate: May 19, 2021


The purpose of the research is to reveal current trends in modeling the location of new catering establishments in the study area. The relevance of research in the article is determined by the development of the tourism industry. This applies to catering establishments operating in the lower price category. Such catering establishments include fast-food restaurants. The article proposes to use geographic information systems for spatial analysis using the software. The researchers used ArcGis software, which allows you to visualize the results of the analysis. Visualization of the results will allow making the necessary decision on the location of catering establishments. Analysis of geostatic models can be used to process statistical data in any locality by using a geostatistical method to convert data from a discrete view to a permanent representation. With the help of geostatistic methods, data from a discrete form are transformed into a continuous form. Researchers present mathematical formulas for determining the index of concentration of the actual population in a given area or the projected index. These indicators can be determined on the basis of data obtained during the research. Indicators are presented using elements of the ArcGis software package in discrete form and permanent form. In the research the model of optimization of placement of public catering establishments was developed. It is proposed to place twelve new catering establishments in the studied area of the city with the exact indication of their location. The scientific conclusion of the study will further improve the service to the local population and the promotion of the city of Kharkiv as an object of tourism. The principle of developing a digital map and geodatabase is effective to address issues related to tourism infrastructure, so the developed model can be used in other cities.

Keyphrases: ArcGIS, catering establishment, Geographic Information Systems, geostatic model, the model of optimization of placement

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