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Job Satisfaction Among IT Employees: a Review of Literature

EasyChair Preprint no. 5925

9 pagesDate: June 27, 2021


Information Technology sector has become one of the important parts of India’s economic growth with around 4.36 million staff as per NASSCOM report 2020. Job satisfaction of employees is the biggest challenge for the organizations today as satisfied employee work more efficiently leading to increase in productivity, lower absenteeism, increase in loyalty and more committed employees, hence IT sector which is one of the largest sectors with millions of people working are focusing more on retention of skilled employees. Job satisfaction & IT industry are most popularly researched by many researchers but the review of research considering both IT sector & Job satisfaction is lacking. This research paper is the review of literature on job satisfaction of employees specifically working in IT sector.

Keyphrases: Commitment., Information Technology Sector, job satisfaction

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