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Modelling & Simulation of 19-level Cascaded Hybrid Multilevel Inverter with less number of Switches

EasyChair Preprint no. 3125

5 pagesDate: April 7, 2020


In 21st century, we can't imagine a single day with out electrical appliances and the most important thing is to get uninterrupted power supply. Inverter is the essential part to design an uninterrupted power supply system. This paper presents the modelling and simulation of 19-level cascaded hybrid multilevel inverter (MLI) having less number of switches. MLI is one of the most efficient power converters which are especially suited for high power applications with reduced harmonics. MLI not only achieves high output power but also used in renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, wind and fuel cells. The main objective of this paper is to get alternating quantity by using cascaded MLI with unequal DC sources called asymmetric cascaded MLI which requires reduced number of power switches. The proposed technology is based on the concept of the ratio of weights in weight box as 5:2:2:1. As it provides a multi stage alternating output based on predefined frequency, so this proposed one can be used for UPS, HVDC transmission system for getting higher efficiency.

Keyphrases: Inverter, MLI, Power Switches, STEP, UPS

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