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Disjoint Multipath Routing and Failure Recovery by Maintaining the Colored Trees

EasyChair Preprint no. 3503

5 pagesDate: May 30, 2020


In this paper the Coloured trees are constructed for routing the packets along link or node disjoint paths. But maintaining the trees after link/node failure is difficult. To overcome this problem an algorithm named, SCT is developed in this paper that construct and maintains the coloured trees in an efficient manner and reduces the message overhead when compared with existing techniques. For each and every node in the network two disjoint paths are created. When a node failure occurs in one path it then reroutes the packets along another path.   It requires fewer messages for reconstructing the tree after node failures. The above mentioned improvements are obtained by exploiting the relationship between DFS numbering, low-point values, and the potentials employed for maintaining partial ordering of nodes.

Keyphrases: low-point value, multipath routing, reconfiguration

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