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Performance Review of Composite Materials Used for Green Building Construction and it’s Future in India

EasyChair Preprint no. 4333

7 pagesDate: October 9, 2020


Construction of green structure are seen to be growing rapidly in India with handholding profit in economic sector of construction. As it is eco-friendly, easy to construct and budget oriented, builders and engineers are absorbing this technology for a viable construction and development. These structures are also very productive along with saving the resource. Keeping the profit and other benefits, nowadays architect, builder and policy maker are focusing more on the green building construction in India where we have seen in past year almost 6-8 Indian states provide incentive for green building development. But here a question arises, what make this green building a profitable and resource saving way of construction?

Focusing on the point, we can conclude that, the material used is the one viable part of this technology which make this green building to stand strongly in the field of construction and development. This defines the more quality in material, the more strength will be defined to take the conditional and unconditional loads as well.

This review paper defines, material comparison, cost effective composite material formation, strength graph of a cube through analysis done by researcher on preparing composite material and an overview of literature available on green building development and materials used.

Keyphrases: composite materials, cost effective, Green Building, material performance

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