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FPGA Based Voting Machine

EasyChair Preprint no. 10010

6 pagesDate: May 9, 2023


Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is used in our   country for Elections. It consists of two units (1) a control unit (2) the balloting unit. Balloting unit has the names of candidates via labeled buttons and the control unit is used for counting the votes. This method is very complex in its own and it is being used in the country from the last 8-9 years. In this research paper, we have implemented the Electronic Voting Machine by using FPGA. This is a new method that can be used in Elections that happen in the country. This Voting Machine is designed as a application of VLSI and understanding the future scope of VLSI in real-time applications. It is designed to overcome the disadvantages of Electronic Voting Machine. These types of Voting Machines are more safer and easy to use , this will overcome the booth capturing process in rural areas.

Keyphrases: Electronic Voting Machines, FPGA, Verilog, Vivado tool, Xilinx tool

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