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Emotional Well-Being During Distance Learning

EasyChair Preprint no. 4010

5 pagesDate: August 9, 2020


Emotional well-being during distance learning is essential if we are to build a better security society. Many students experience high levels of stress because schools are closed due to a pandemic coronavirus. They are separated from friends and stuck at home. They maybe worried that they will get sick. Students whose families face financial worries or illness are particularly vulnerable. But there are ways we can support students socially and emotionally during distance learning. The aim was to ensure the socio-emotional well-being of primary school students during distance learning. Teachers need easily accessible materials - materials that can be found in one place, resources in their mother tongue that are practical, easy to use and easy to implement. The most convenient solution is to have a web platform with a list of activities, materials, links and other resources for teachers. The site is intended to act as a social network that will allow teachers, social workers, educators and psychologists to connect with each other. Parents will have the opportunity to contribute, they will be able to download these materials so that they can help at home. While most students study at home, teachers are asked to create work units that all students can complete regardless of location. Good planning will ensure consistency in learning outcomes.


Keyphrases: Remote Learning, resources, social-emotional well being

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