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Applications of NANO-RK in Internet of Things (IoT)

EasyChair Preprint no. 2457

8 pagesDate: January 25, 2020


The IoT is famously known as Internet of Things is a universal communication for everything can communicate with Internet sensors.  The sensors devices are designed as constrained, lightweight, minimum energy powered and capacity of minimum battery life run by Real-time operating systems[6]. The Carnegie Mellon University designed micro controllers for sensor networks. NANO-RK is one of the open source Real-time operating system for to run real-time tasks. The NANO-RK operating system, the term RK is short for resource kernel. A resource kernel provides reservations on how often system resources can be consumed and managed. For example, Using NANO-RK, by applying to set CPU resource reservations technology, a task might only be allowed to execute 10 ms every 150 ms.. In the same way another example by using Nano-Rk by applying Network resource reservations technology a node might only be allowed to transmit 10 network packets per minute. The applying these reservations to protect battery life of a node and also protecting a failed node from generating excessive messages in network traffic.  For this, the battery life of a node will be minimized. The NANO-RK is open source and written in C language and runs on the Atmel-based FireFly sensor networking platform. The goal of this paper is an overview of NANO-RK. As per operating system capabilities and also takes part from an open source of ecosystem facilities, the NANO-RK is the a suitable operating system for constrained and lower power sensor devices for Internet of Things. In this paper,  the study of the most important features of IOT based Resource Reservation, Deep sleep mode, Fault management and Routing features by NANO-RK operating system[3].– 

Keyphrases: deep sleep mode, IoT, microcontroller resource reservation, Nano-Rk, ROT

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