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Energy recovery from proper recycling and incineration of waste absorbent hygiene products for environmental sustainability

EasyChair Preprint no. 1684

11 pagesDate: October 16, 2019


The wastes generated by absorbent hygiene products desires to be properly recycled and disposed. This paper provides an energy assessment method to appraise the complete performances of an integrated incineration system. This paper aims to find the feasible criteria of environmental compatibility and the societal aspects of the recycled waste. The prime focus is given on the effects of sanitation coverage of children and menstrual hygiene of women. Sanitation is defined as the hygienic significances of encouraging health through preventive measures with the hazards disposed from these wastes which need to be improved by awareness campaign. Proper segregation, reuse and recycle by scientific approaches are the most important criteria of waste management. A gasket with a sorting machine is designed which sterilizes the waste and separates its plastics and utilizes the cellulose in a fluidized bed gasifier, to produce steam nearly at 8500C to 9000C for sterilization and an ash collection chamber for proper disposal. The experimental results prove technological feasibility, and identify the working conditions for recycling of absorbent hygiene waste products efficiently without taking any help from external energy support. The results also render an authentic inventory of this recycling scheme and the cost effective design methodology of a waste incinerator, and its easy disposal techniques. The other objective is to provide effective suggestions and recommendations to improve the waste management practices in India which is socially acceptable for better environmental sustainability. This paper also aims for proper cleaning and sterilization of wastes by recycling and incineration and recovering environmental friendly renewable energy for the society. High electrical energy is generated by this incineration method with low cost.

Keyphrases: energy recovery, Incineration, Menstrual hygiene, Recycled waste, Sanitation

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