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Experimental vibration analysis of seismic isolation system using inertial mass damper

EasyChair Preprint no. 1229

2 pagesDate: June 25, 2019


Nowadays, there are a lot of damages in structures (bridge, building, road, etc.) which are caused by earthquakes in Japan. In addition, the damage of computers leads to losing important information. There is a seismic isolation system installed, but it is reported that computers fall over. Because of some reasons including the seismic isolation system resonates and the displacement response increases, the range of motion is exceeded. Also, in the case of active seismic isolation, there is a problem that the active control system does not work when the power supply is stopped by the earthquake. Recently, the dependence of information systems has been rapidly expanding in all fields. Thus, the earthquake countermeasures for computers should be improved.

Therefore, we improve a new design of seismic isolation system using power generation function installed under a large computer as earthquake countermeasure. In this research, an inertial mass damper is applied for this seismic isolation system.

An inertial mass damper gives a reaction force proportional to relative acceleration. Until now, there are some researches about using inertial mass damper to control the vibration. The application of inertial mass damper in seismic isolation has not considered and performed much in experiment. Based on combining the inertial mass damper using the power generation function, we propose the seismic isolation system with a generator.

First, we analyze the effectiveness of the seismic isolation system in simulation.

Second, we carried experiment and conducted a vibration test.

Verifications using free vibration and sine wave were compared the effectiveness of the seismic isolation system using mass damper between experiment and simulation.

Keyphrases: experiment, Inertial mass damper, Seismic isolation device

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