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Ready Rescue – A platform which connects mechanics with customers in need of Roadside assistance

EasyChair Preprint no. 2755

8 pagesDate: February 22, 2020


Abstract— In this fast-moving world facing a problem where the traveling vehicle breakdowns will cause a problem to the person and put the person into a great difficulty to recover from this situation. This problem might get worse depending on the place of breakdowns such as being on a highway or an unknown area. The “Ready Rescue” application will provide the user the ability to select the type breakdown which has occurred and request the closest mechanics in the area to come and provide assistance. This application has 2 main sections which are the User’s portal and the Mechanic’s portal. Both the users will require to register or login before using the application. By using GPS, the user could pin the location of the breakdown and the mechanic could see this location through the application and proceed there. Considering the Mechanic’s section, the mechanic could register to the application by selecting the services which he desires to provide and once he has registered to the system the mechanic data will be updated in the Firebase database. The mechanic will not be able to use the application until the application admin which will be using a web-based system provides access to the mechanic. The Mechanic will be able to find the location of the user and provide the user his live location using Google Maps API. By using the GeoLocation feature with Firebase the mechanic’s and user’s location could be shared amongst all in Realtime. The User will receive the Closest Mechanic who is registered for the service requested. The users can furthermore request a mechanic to become a favorite and the user could later straightaway request for him. Furthermore, users could take quizzes on vehicle maintenance during the time taken by the mechanic to arrive and gain Points that could be redeemed later.

Keyphrases: BI tools., Firebase, Google Map API, List of Favorites, Mechanic Services, Realtime Database, Redeemable Points

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