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Examination on the processes of structural performance evaluation of SRC deep beams by FEA with NDT results

EasyChair Preprint no. 4780

16 pagesDate: December 23, 2020


Maintenance of bridges is becoming increasingly important in Japan. In the maintenance of bridges, it is necessary to evaluate the current load carrying capacity of a deteriorated structure by the use of design equations or numerical analyses. However, the design drawings are often missing, thereby input parameters such as material properties and internal reinforcement arrangements for the equations and analyses are not available. In such a case, it is necessary and important to determine the input parameters by destructive or non-destructive tests (NDT) or rational judgements and to estimate the load carrying capacity of a deteriorated structure with a rational analytical model. In this study, using NDT results, the structural performance of SRC deep beams is evaluated by FEA, where the evaluation processes are examined as well. Considering that the material properties from NDT has some ranges and may contain errors, their values are adjusted referencing the design of similar beams from some papers and then input for FEA. In terms of concrete, a nonlinear stress-strain relation is employed for compression. Under tension, the concrete is assumed to behave linear elastically before the tensile strength is reached. After that, a linear softening behavior is assumed for cracked concrete. As for steel reinforcements, i.e. embedded I-beam and rebars, the stress-strain relation is assumed as elastoplastic. The steel/concrete interface is regarded as rigidly connected. In addition to FEA, hand calculation using empirical equations is conduced as well to examine the predictions. Finally, the predictions such as internal structure, material properties and load carrying capacity are compared with their corresponding experimental results which have been closed until this step. From this comparison, the employed performance evaluation processes are examined.

Keyphrases: Deep beam, FEA, Maintenance, NDT, SRC, structural performance evaluation

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