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MONGODB VS MYSQL: A Comparative Study of MongoDB and MySQL Based on Their Performance

EasyChair Preprint no. 4475

9 pagesDate: October 27, 2020


A database refers to data structure used for systematical and organized collection of data. Nowadays database system follows mostly two different algorithms i.e. SQL and NoSQL. In SQL databases schema is predefined, fixed and vertically scalable whereas in NoSQL databases, schema is dynamic and horizontally scalable. Also, SQL databases are table-based databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL whereas NoSQL databases are document based, key-value based, graph databases such as MongoDB, CouchDB so on. Here, two comparison systems one is desktop application using python language and other is web application using PHP is used to analyze the performance difference between MongoDB and MySQL based on their Insert, Read, Update and Delete operations. In Observation of results its seen that for Insertion, Updating and deletion operations MongoDB performs much better than MySQL and for selection (data fetching) operation, although there is not major difference between them still average time of MongoDB select operation is less than average time of MySQL select operation. So, we have concluded that MongoDB performance is better than MySQL performance.

Keyphrases: MongoDB, MySQL, NoSQL, SQL

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