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Islamic Social Entrepreneurship Model of Business Women in Pandemic Era in East Java

EasyChair Preprint no. 5378

15 pagesDate: April 25, 2021


The economic sector in the world is currently experiencing instability, especially in Indonesia. The pandemic has caused the economic sector to change, especially for businesses in the social sector. This study aims to create a business model with the concept of Islamic Social Entrepreneurship for entrepreneurial women in the pandemic era. This study is based on the case of Micro and Small Enterprises (SME) belonging to the “Association of Women Entrepreneurs of ‘Aisyiyah (IPAS)”, where ‘Aisyiyah’s organization acts as a social agent. SMEs are a pillar of the national economy that involves a large proportion of the workforce in Indonesia, and have proven to be able to survive the world crisis. Moreover, the world is currently experiencing a crisis caused by a pandemic, resulting in a major downturn in the MSME sector. This is a qualitative study and focus on Islamic social entrepreneurship in pandemic era. Data analysis was performed simultaneously, recursively and dynamically, where conceptualization, categorization, and description were carried out together. The results of this study indicate that women are able to be independent and improve their quality of life with Islamic social entrepreneurship in accordance with the values ​​developed. Especially during the current pandemic, with all the limitations in the SME sector, Islamic social entrepreneurs are trying to come up with new ways for sustainable business.

Keyphrases: Business women, Islamic social entrepreneurship, SME

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