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Airport Taxi Driver Decision and Ride Area Scheme Design Based on Hybrid Strategy

EasyChair Preprint no. 4660

8 pagesDate: November 27, 2020


With the development of the civil aviation market, how to improve the operating efficiency of airport taxis while ensuring a balanced income for drivers has become an important task. This paper recommends using a hybrid strategy model for analysis. First, we analyzed the factors influencing the driver's decisions, then obtained the qualitative relationship between the driver's income and costs such as time cost and no-load cost. Second, we simplified the problems that is a game between driver groups whether or not to wait, to establish a hybrid strategy model, to provide references in selection of the two schemes for drivers. Finally, a scheme to give priority to short-distance passenger-carrying drivers is proposed. The two sides of the game are re-determined as short-distance passenger-carrying drivers and long-distance passenger-carrying drivers, and the equation of income equilibrium of both parties is obtained. The result showed that under the new scheme, both parties have equal expectations of income so the new scheme is feasible.

Keyphrases: hybrid strategy, Income Equilibrium, Income Expectation, queuing system

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