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Modeling Information Propagation Driven by Attraction and Drag on Social Network

EasyChair Preprint no. 2362

9 pagesDate: January 10, 2020


The information propagated on the social network is affected by the intimate degree of the relationship among individuals. It’s found that the different relationship exists in individuals according to analyzing the social network. In this study, a network model, including explicit (intimate) edge and implicit (non-intimate) edge, is constructed. Based on this network model, an information propagation mechanism driven by the attraction and drag is proposed, the explicit attraction and implicit attraction generated by the infected individuals to ignorant individuals during the process of the information propagation is studied, so is the explicit drag and implicit drag generated by the recovered individuals to ignorant individuals researched. The simulation experiment found that the major factor of information propagation affected is the explicit attraction and drag, and implicit attraction and drag have few effects on information propagation. Based on the above results, a rumor propagation restrained strategy, which reduces the explicit attraction and increases explicit drag of ignorant person, is designed in this paper. The experimental results clearly revealed the effectiveness of the proposed strategy and its important practical significance for realistic society.

Keyphrases: Attraction and Drag, Explicit and Implicit, information propagation, Rumor Restrain Strategy

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