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Operational products of volcanic SO2 layer height

EasyChair Preprint no. 2222

2 pagesDate: December 21, 2019


Volcanic emissions, like Sulphur dioxide (SO2), can be a major risk for the management of air traffic. In the frame of OPAS (Operational alert Products for ATM via SWIM) project, KTN Engage Catalyst funded project, a new product (SO2 layer height from TROPOMI) is currently in development, with the aim of including it in an existing early warning system, so called SACS [1]. This system is dedicated to support aviation control and ATM, and was recently under development in the frame of EUNADICS-AV project. This poster presents first results of SO2 layer height retrievals from TROPOMI satellite sensor, launched in October 2017.

Keyphrases: Alert products for ATM, early warning system, SO2 layer height, TROPOMI satellite instrument, Volcanic emission

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