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Multitasking Spider Hexapod Robot

EasyChair Preprint no. 3271

6 pagesDate: April 26, 2020


A hexapod robot is a type of spider robot which uses six mechanical limbs for movements. It is more versatile than wheel robots and it can traverse many critical terrains areas. This robot has been designed to solve some critical problems which are manually very hard and risky for human beings. This robot can pass through any risky slope and terrain areas. It can climb any obstacle or object and balance on rough surfaces as well. By using suction cups, it can climb any buildings. This model has been improved for climbing techniques, camera system (360⁰ view), walking angles and payload. SOC [System on Chip] has been used to control the camera for monitoring the affected earthquake area and give the information by video capturing footage. For instance, when the hexapod robot will climbing and walk through the affected earthquake areas, the camera will be capturing the affecting moment and broadcast by live streaming on YouTube with the help of the MQTT broker. This hexapod can carry the 20 lb load on its top of the body frame. Climbing over an obstacle has been improved for this hexapod model compared to other hexapods. Critical angle climbing is one of the most important improvements for this robot and it can walk smoothly near about 60⁰ angles of the surfaces with a good balance. In risky areas, it can detect dark and light surfaces with the help of infrared sensors, as well as it can detect sound by using the sound sensor module and reach there for human safety purposes where an earthquake, fire incidents will occur. The robot was pragmatically assessed and above 85% efficiency for application, mechanism, and the system has been observed compared with other researches.

Keyphrases: american international university bangladesh, Climbing Robot Using Suction Cup, earthquake destroyed area, forward direction, hexapod robot, multitasking spider hexapod, rough terrain, Servo motor, servo motor position, servo position, Spider Hexapod Robot, Spider robot, Suction cup, Washing Robot

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