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Reacting Flow Solver For Martian Atmosphere Conditions

EasyChair Preprint no. 2387

6 pagesDate: January 15, 2020


   In the advancement of computational code, demonstration depicts an essential element. An attempt has been made to develop finite volume inviscid non-equilibrium flow solver especially flow of carbon-dioxide to study Martian atmospheric condition. The present study utilizes Venkat Krishnan limiter to provide second-order accuracy. The solver is incorporated by higher-order reacting convective or inviscid fluxes, AUSM scheme. The code is inspected by flowing carbon dioxide over the sphere of diameter 25.4mm and shock stand-off distance is measured at two different velocities i.e. 4.220km/s and 2.845km/s. Similarly, for the ramp at angle 10 and 20 degrees, the results obtained in terms of pressure ratio, temperature ratio and wave angle by the solver is validated with an analytical approach. For all the cases studied, in house-solver exhibit satisfying agreement. Additionally, its capability can be enhanced by incorporating various flux evaluation schemes.

Keyphrases: AUSM scheme, Martian atmosphere, shock stand-off distance, wave angle

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