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Land Use and Cover (LUC) Change Detection Using Image Processing Techniques

EasyChair Preprint no. 3137

7 pagesDate: April 8, 2020


At present situation, in India urbanization is at low level compared to other countries in the world. Most urban local bodies in India are characterized by shortfalls in housing and water supply, urban encroachments in fringe area, pollution, poverty , inadequate sewerage, traffic congestion, and social unrest making urban governance a difficult task as lack technology knowledge and use. The high rate of urban population growth is a cause of concern among India urban and town planners for efficient urban planning. An attempt is being made to improve the performance ability of municipalities/urban local bodies, so that they would be able to perform their duties efficiently in the planning and development of urban areas. At present, there is an urgent need to adopt latest modern technology of remote sensing and GIS mapping which includes both aerial as well as satellite based systems, allow us to collect lot of physical data, with land cover images rather easily, with speed and on repetitive basis, and together with GIS helps us to analyze the data spatially, offering possibilities of generating various options (modeling), thereby optimizing the whole planning process of urban area land use and cover detection. These information systems also offer interpretation of physical (spatial) data with other socio-economic data, and so provide an important linkage in the total town planning process and making it more effective and meaningful. Satellite high resolution images provide past and current status of the land cover which is significant for productive environmental management. Image processing techniques are used to detect the Land use and cover. Image Enhancement techniques are applied to preprocessed data in order to effectively display the image for visual interpretation or for clear pixel value change detection. It includes techniques to effectively distinguish and detect surface features means land used and covered in urban area for visual interpretation.

Keyphrases: Change detection(CD), Edge Detection analysis, Histogram Hyperbolization, Satellite Image Enhancement

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