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Joint Optimization Scheme of Multi-Service Replication and Request Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing

EasyChair Preprint no. 7230

15 pagesDate: December 17, 2021


To meet the ever-increasing service quality requirements of end-users and enable delay-sensitive applications to be completed within a tolerable time, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) offloads the request of users to the edge servers that are closer to the end equipment. However, deploying a single service replication in an appropriate edge node is difficult to deal with all requests of users for multiple services. In addition, after the service replication is deployed at the edge node, a corresponding user request offloading scheme is also required. Considering the heterogeneity of edge servers, this paper studies the joint optimization problem of multi-service replication and request offloading. Firstly, we present an edge computing architecture with multi-service replication, and define the multi-service replication and request offloading as a joint optimization problem. Secondly, a multi-service replication algorithm called Multireplicas Greedy Best (MGB) is proposed to solve the joint optimization problem. Finally, the simulation experiments are carried out. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can effectively reduce the overall delay compared with the random strategy, the nearest node offloading strategy, the particle swarm algorithm, and the greedy algorithm.

Keyphrases: Mobile Edge Computing, multi-objective optimization, Request Offloading, Service Replication

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