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Behavior of High Strength Crumb Rubber Concrete with the Addition of Fibers

EasyChair Preprint no. 7687

13 pagesDate: April 2, 2022


To dispose waste automobile tire is one amongst the most important environmental issue everywhere the globe. each year sizable amount of tires area unit buried or discarded everywhere the globe inflicting a heavy threat to the setting. principally waste rubber tires area unit employed by some industries as fuel however as we all know this type of waste utilization has venturesome result and may be uneconomical. Therefore, it's required to use this type of waste in a very such away so it would not have an effect on the setting at any price. This paper presents the utilization of scrap rubber tires as an alternate to steel fiber in fiber concrete. Four styles of concrete combine were ready, the check batch and therefore the management batch containing I Chronicles and five a replacement of steel fiber and recycled rubber steel fibers by volume of concrete severally. W/c was unbroken constant so the particular field condition is often replicated that area unit unremarkably adopted at sites. The present work examines strengths compressive and split tensile. The cube and cylinders area unit castes as of traditional, .5%to5%a replacement with crumb rubber. a complete of twenty-one cubes of ordinary size 150 x150x150the experimental program concerned the analysis of the compressive strength of concrete cubes below uniaxial compression victimization 2 dial gauges placed on opposite faces and strength curves are aforethought by taking average of the info from the samples tested. There was noticeable decline in compressive strength in crumb rubber concrete as compared to the traditional concrete. This crumb rubber concrete is appropriate for structural functions like light-weight walls, discipline uses within for coming up with and fewer load bearing construction. The crumb rubber concrete has a lot of new usage in future like road pavement construction material, sound absorbent material and ductile construction structures.

Keyphrases: Crumb rubber, Fibers, fibers steel

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