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Redesign of Workstation Layout in Noodle and Sauce Bagging Process

EasyChair Preprint no. 4666

4 pagesDate: November 30, 2020


Korat noodle is a very popular product in Thailand.  Shortage of this product occurs from time to time due to improper weather and manual work in process.  This leads to slow delivery and lose of customers.  The objective of this study is to redesign of workstation layout in a small plant which produced instant noodle with sauce using ECRS technique.  The goal of redesign workstation layout is improving production speed.  The improvement of noodle and sauce bagging process was carried out as follows: 1) eliminate stock of sealed sauce bags on the table and put them in the noodle bags in the next workstation, 2) combine the area of bag stock and the area of bagging noodle and sauce to reduce time and distance in transportation, 3) rearrange workstations to reduce complication of transportation among workstations.  The redesign of workstation layout was made since the company wanted to move the process of bagging to the new plant. The results of workstation layout redesign reduced transportation among the workstations from 21.24 m. to 7.19 m.  The total reduction of transportation distance was 14.05 m., corresponding to 66.15%.  Therefore, it was concluded that ECRS helped reduction of waste and increasing productivity.

Keyphrases: ECRS, Layout, Redesign, Workstation

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