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Nanostructured Magnesium-Aluminоsilicate Glass-Ceramic Materials for Electronics and Engineering

EasyChair Preprint no. 8912

5 pagesDate: October 3, 2022


The prospects for the use of glass-ceramic materials as electrical products are analyzed. The priority of the formation of a self-organized macro- and nanostructure, glass-ceramic materials under conditions of low-temperature heat treatment to ensure their high physical and chemical properties is characterized. The effect of crystallization catalysts on the formation of the structure and viscosity of magnesium aluminosilicate glasses during their heat treatment is analyzed. The composition of magnesium aluminosilicate glass is optimized by using a combined crystallization catalyst in its composition, and an optimal heat treatment mode is established. The features of structure formation in magnesium-aluminоsilicate glass-ceramic materials are analyzed, which consist in the sequential course of the following stages: phase separation of glass by the spinodal mechanism (T = 800-850 °C); nucleation of crystals of μ-cordierite (T = 850 °C) and the formation of prismatic crystals of mulite (T = 1100 °C), which are tightly connected. The formation of the nano- and submicron structure of the developed glass-ceramic material containing 80 vol. % mulite allows obtaining high physicochemical and electrical properties, which, along with its reduced weight, makes it promising for development as substrates in the design of a hybrid integrated circuit, vacuum-tight shell and capacitor dielectrics.

Keyphrases: electrical properties, Glass-ceramic, magnesium-aluminоsilicate glass, nanostructure, viscosity

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