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An Internet of Things Approach to Monitoring and Control System of Agricultural Activities

EasyChair Preprint no. 2986

10 pagesDate: March 18, 2020


Internet of things is a technology that encounters various remote monitoring and controlling of devices, which is connected to it wirelessly and here the concepts of wireless sensors networks and Ethernet protocols are made of use.  This research paper mainly concerns its application towards agricultural and Irrigational activities such a soil moisture monitoring and water pressure monitoring and soil testing along with Protection against trespassing with motion detections and conservation of energy. This paper implementation holds division of systems into multiple to one of which is the main system and the rest three are the subsystems. The subsystem 1 consists of soil moisture monitoring control, and water pressure sensing along with pump set and vibration alert sensor for motion monitor in and around the related field.  The second subsystem will be in use for protection against trespassing with detection of proximity of the object due to motion along the required field fence and will have voltage and current detection sensors for controlling, monitoring efficient energy usage.

The subsystem three will be in use for controlling that is taking all possible measures in accordance with the available current status of the incorporated alerted sensors wherein a user can control remotely access the sprinklers and protective measurable things like electrifying the fences and present activate status. The main system will take in the information from 1and 2 the subsystem communicating through ZigBee communication and will be monitoring and transmitted to the network Router through ZigBee from where the required data will be displayed on to a web home page with necessary Ethernet protocols and current running data.

Keyphrases: Ethernet, Internet of Things, IPv4, IPv6, Raspberry Pi, UART, Wireless Sensor Networks, ZigBee

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