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Driver Drowsiness Detection Techniques: Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 2213

7 pagesDate: December 21, 2019


This document is a review report on the research conducted in the field of computer engineering to develop a system for driver drowsiness detection to prevent accidents from happening because of driver fatigue and sleepiness. The novel proposed the results and solutions on the limited implementation of the various techniques that are introduced in the thesis-es on the topic. The document discusses the many solutions available for detecting fatigue and their efficacy in preventing accidents in the current state of traffic. Furthermore, the paper states the overview of the observations made by the authors in order to help further optimization in the mentioned field to achieve the utility at a better efficiency for a safer road.

Keyphrases: Blink pattern, Circular Hough Transform, detect face, detecting fatigue, driver drowsiness, Driver fatigue, Drowsiness Detection System, Eye detection, Eye map, eyelid movement based technique, face detection, Fatigue, perfect driver drowsiness detection, Yawn detection

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