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Advance Malware Analysis Using Static And Dynamic Methodology

EasyChair Preprint no. 3373

5 pagesDate: May 11, 2020


As we are becoming more and more dependent on computers the attack vectors on them are increasing day by day. The cyberspace is becoming the battlefield of the 21st century as we are witnessing the increasing potential of a cyber-attack on the critical infrastructure Malware are the most sophisticated evil code It is designed to damage computer systems without the knowledge of the owner these days malware are made with special arbitrary to avoid detection from antivirus with a huge potential to damage computer systems .Malware analysis is a process to study the components and the behavior of malware .for analyzing malware we will use two types of methods static analysis and dynamic analysis. In static analysis the malware are examined without running it, whereas in dynamic analysis the malware is analyzed while running it in a virtual and controlled environment. In this research we will focus on malware analysis using static and dynamic method which will help us to access damage, to know the indicators of compromise and to determine the sophistication level of an intruder and to catch the creator of the malware .

Keyphrases: advance dynamic analysis method, advance static analysis, Advanced dynamic analysis, basic dynamic analysis, cyber attack, cyberspace, dynamic analysis, Malware, malware analysis, malware analysis method, Portable Executable, static analysis

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