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Denoising Real-Time Audio Signals Using Matlab Filter Techniques

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6 pagesDate: April 14, 2020


In this paper we analyze real time audio signals and try to reduce the noise associated with the message signal under consideration. The main drawback of noise being present in an audio signal, is that it reduces the quality of the signal that is being transmitted within the communication system. For analysis purpose, white gaussian noise(awgn) is concatenated with the audio signal under consideration and the resulting noisy audio signal is subjected to the different filtering techniques like IIR Filter, FIR Filter, Wavelet transform techniques. The noisy audio signal is analyzed with respect to the different filter responses obtained on applying the foresaid methods. A comparative study is done between these techniques to arrive at a technique which would be the most efficient one for audio signal denoising.

Keyphrases: audio processing, Daubechies, Denoising, FIR filters, IIR filters, Wavelets

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