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Questionnaire Approach for Assessing Software Engineering and Quality Assurance Practices

EasyChair Preprint no. 9475

6 pagesDate: December 14, 2022


The industry-academia gap is one of the persistent challenges of Software Engineering education. Software development is a rapidly moving industry, and academia is not quick enough to adapt to the changing software engineering profession. To this end, this paper introduces a project that seeks to bridge the Software Engineering -related industry-academia gap in the Finnish region of South Savo. The project intends to bring together regional software engineering companies with teachers, developers, and students in higher education. The objective of such a community is to provide a platform for discussion and the development of collaborative models to improve education and interaction. As the first step towards building the community, we are building a better understanding of the software development companies in the region. In this paper, we describe our method of inquiry and early experiences for understanding companies’ type of business, software engineering activities, and attitude towards collaboration. The preliminary results show that our method of inquiry was perceived as useful for both industry and academia. While we were able to gather useful information about the industry practices and feedback for higher education about the skills graduates should possess, industry representatives considered the data gathering as an opportunity for selfreflection

Keyphrases: industry practices, quality assurance, software development, software testing, survey

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