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In – Nav: an AR Based Navigation System

EasyChair Preprint no. 8033

4 pagesDate: May 22, 2022


Through this paper, the idea to use augmented reality for the purpose of indoor navigation is proposed. With the growing number of complex buildings and facilities around the world, the problem of navigating around them with ease also arises. Using the conventional methods such as directional hoardings and signs is not always convenient and is a pretty old concept as well. The conventional system is not much helpful as it takes time to find a particular area using sign boards and this task can prove tedious to the newcomers, children, old people, people who can’t understand the local language, people with disabilities etc. Using an indoor navigation system can prove pretty useful in dealing with most of the aforementioned problems. There have been lots of developments in the indoor navigation field and they all propose different kinds of approaches but we find the usage of augmented reality a better method as it has proven to be convenient and does not require much technical complexity. We aim to make in- nav an AR based application which can be deployed on the user’s smartphone and guide him to his desired location by using real time pointers while providing him the shortest possible path.

Keyphrases: Augmented Reality, convenient, indoor, Navigation

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