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Sustainable Green Marketing Concepts for Green Construction Market Developments in Bangladesh

EasyChair Preprint no. 9206

6 pagesDate: October 31, 2022


This paper presents the marketing green concept that drives the construction market towards sustainability. Due to the global energy crisis, climate change, and other environmental degradations, green products are gaining appeal and acceptance, revealing the twenty-first century's forthcoming concerns. Also, green business activities have become a major driving force behind global sustainable development. Bangladesh's economy is growing as it strives to become a developing nation by 2026, and the expansion of industrial sectors is essential to achieving this objective. The industrial expansion has resulted in significant depletion of natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions, and toxic waste dumping; all of which can lead to unchecked degradation of air, soil, and water quality. Most developing countries introduce a new way of doing business known as green business (GB). The principles of green business align with new ways of production, marketing, and disposal of products that ensure environmental safety and corporate competitiveness. The primary objectives of this research are to present an overview of green marketing strategies related to Bangladesh's construction sector, which will help the sector to gain sustainable competitive advantages. To achieve these objectives throughout Bangladesh's construction sectors, we suggested a methodology to quantify green business strategy in the context of the intensification of green business strategy and environmental deterioration. This study provides a valuable reference to both policymakers and industry practitioners to implement green construction.

Keyphrases: environmental pollution, green construction, Sustainability Marketing, sustainable development

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