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Replications on the use of Graphical Abstracts to Support Study Selection in Systematic Mapping Studies

EasyChair Preprint no. 5997

8 pagesDate: July 3, 2021


Context: Little is known about the relevance of using graphical abstracts to select studies within Systematic Mapping Studies (SMS). Only one study (renamed as “original study – OS”) was conducted to evaluate the conduction of selection review activity manually and using visual graphical abstracts. Aim: This research aims to build a body of empirical evidence through replications on the use of graphical abstracts to support the selection of primary studies in SMS. Method: A total of five replication studies were performed. Each replication was organized in two sessions (training – 9 studies to be classified as included or excluded – and execution – other 20 studies) and two groups (G1 – reading abstracts of the studies; G2 – analyzing graphical abstracts versions of the same studies used by G1). Performance (time) and effectiveness (number of studies correctly/incorrectly selected) were assessed. Qualitative analysis from the opinion of participants was also carried out. Results: Confirming the results of the OS, our results suggest that graphical abstracts speed up the selection activity and increase the performance of reviewers. Moreover, graphical abstracts are useful, and reviewers are completely satisfied by using them. Conclusions: Graphical abstract is an innovative and positive alternative for supporting study selection in SMSs.

Keyphrases: Graphical Abstract, Replication, Systematic Mapping Studies

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