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Pattern of Cassava Demand as the Promising Commodity in the Future

EasyChair Preprint no. 6295

6 pagesDate: August 14, 2021


The climate change is a leading factor endangering sustainable food production, and numerous efforts have been enacted to prevent potential future food shortages. Now, local resources such as the cassava is not considered a main staple food, also their production is not significantly influenced by climate. The potential for cassava developing are still very wide open in line with livestock industry, processed food, and other industries such as alcohol, sorbitol, fructose and many others. The farming and processing of cassava can be supported by research technologies such as new varieties and cultivation and processing technology for food and industry. In the market, Cassava demand is inelastic and its price level is inversely proportional to the demand quantity. Its cross elasticity showed that rice is the strongest substitute for cassava. Also, cassava has negative income elasticity. In the future, there is a great opportunity for bio-industrial develop of this cassava commodity and the model can be an embryo for the development of an efficient sustainable agriculture-bioindutri system. Strategy of cassava commodity development must consideration of several important factors that are cassava farming new Teknology, capital acces, continuity of cassava raw material, diversification and improvement of cassava products and education to community.

Keyphrases: Cassava, demand, development, future

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