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Designing SafeMap Based on City Infrastructure and Empirical Approach: Modified a-Star Algorithm for Earthquake Navigation Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 11241

10 pagesDate: November 4, 2023


Designing routing systems for earthquakes requires frontend usability studies and backend algorithm modifications. Evaluations from subject-matter experts can enhance the design of both the front-end interface and the back-end algorithm of urban artificial intelligence (AI). Urban AI applications need to be trustworthy, responsible, and reliable against earthquakes, by assisting civilians to identify safe and fast routes to safe areas or health support stations. However, routes may become dangerous or obstructed as regular routing applications may fail to adapt responsively to city destruction caused by earthquakes. In this study, we modified the A-star algorithm and designed an interactive mobile app with the evaluation and insights of subject-matter experts including 15 UX designers, 7 urbanists, 8 quake survivors, and 4 first responders. Our findings reveal reducing application features and quickening application use time is necessary for stressful earthquake situations, as emerging features such as augmented reality and voice assistant may negatively backlash user experience in earthquake scenarios due to over-immersion, distracting users from real world condition. Additionally, we utilized expert insights to modify the A-star algorithm for earthquake scenarios using the following steps: 1) create a dataset based on the roads; 2) establish an empty dataset for weight; 3) enable the updating of weight based on infrastructure; and 4) allow the alteration of weight based on safety, related to human behavior. Our study provides empirical evidence on why urban AI applications for earthquakes need to adapt to the rapid speed to use and elucidate how and why the A-star algorithm is optimized for earthquake scenarios.

Keyphrases: A-star algorithm, City Infrastructure, Earthquake, Navigation, Routing, user experience

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