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Semantic Technologies: a Transformative Approach in Public Libraries

EasyChair Preprint no. 13231

10 pagesDate: May 12, 2024


The contemporary digital era's technological advancements have changed how people access and use information. These changes were necessitated by the introduction of the internet and the World Wide Web. Currently, most library users are interested in instant access to information and not the procedure, interested in prompt feedback and not procrastination. Semantic technologies seem to be a solution to the prevailing problem, however, the uptake has not been impressive among libraries. Semantic technologies are tools that can assist library users in prompt searching and retrieval of information with minimum bureaucratic procedures, tools that ensure that every library search queries are meaning defined, this is unlike the conventional library systems.

This paper/presentation discusses the importance of semantic technologies in public libraries and how these technologies can be implemented for easy-to-use tools and applications for public library users. The research paper explores the benefits of semantic technologies usage as a key and effective factor of searching and processing data in the everyday life of library users. Moreover, the article/presentation sheds light also on the challenges that public libraries may face when trying to introduce semantic technologies to their users, as well as the social and cultural constraints that make their implementation elusive.

Keyphrases: digital skills, public libraries, Semantic Technologies, Semantic Web

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