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Kuksa: A Cloud-Native Architecture for Enabling Continuous Delivery in the Automotive Domain

EasyChair Preprint no. 1689

16 pagesDate: October 16, 2019


Connecting vehicles to cloud platforms has enabled innovative business scenarios while raising new quality concerns, such as reliability and scalability, which must be addressed by research. Cloud-native architectures based on microservices are a recent approach to enable continuous delivery and to improve service reliability and scalability. We propose an approach for restructuring cloud platform architectures in the automotive domain into a microservices architecture. To this end, we adopted and implemented microservices patterns from literature to design the cloud-native automotive architecture and conducted a laboratory experiment to evaluate the reliability and scalability of microservices in the context of a real-world project in the automotive domain called Eclipse Kuksa. Findings indicated that the proposed architecture could handle the continuous software delivery over-the-air by sending automatic control messages to a vehicular setting. Different patterns enabled us to make changes or interrupt services without extending the impact to others. The results of this study provide evidences that microservices are a potential design solution when dealing with service failures and high payload on cloud-based services in the automotive domain.

Keyphrases: Automotive, Cloud Computing, cloud-native architecture, Microservices

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