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Modeling and Strategic Design of Multi-Layered Aggregation and Control for Flexible Loads

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6 pagesDate: November 19, 2023


With continuous development of new energy generation, there is an urgent need to enhance the regulation capabilities of the power system. This paper is dedicated to transforming potential flexible load resources into practically adjustable system resources, and a three-layer aggregation and control framework presented, i.e "User - Load Aggregator - Grid Operator." Optimal decision-making models for three types of market entities are presented, including electricity consumption strategies of users, bidding strategies of load aggregators, and regulation resource procurement strategies of the system operator. The supply-demand difference caused by generation output fluctuations of intermittent renewable energy resources is examined, and source-load regulation resources are employed in the day-ahead ancillary service markets, especially the regulation market. Case studies are carried out to demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of the proposed multi-layer aggregation and control model together with associated strategies in achieving optimal employment of flexible loads, and the effects of load aggregators’ profits and grid operators’s dispatch on balancing power supply and load demand.

Keyphrases: aggregation and control, flexible load, load aggregator, quantity-price optimization

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