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A Review on Attack Landscape and Cybersecurity Challenges in Implementing Smart Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 12898

5 pagesDate: April 4, 2024


Smart education projects, which integrate cutting-edge technology like cloud computing, AI-driven systems, and IoT devices, have completely changed traditional learning methodologies. However, a wide range of intricate cybersecurity issues are raised by this digital revolution, endangering the confidentiality and integrity of educational data and resources. The attack landscape and cybersecurity issues related to adopting smart education are thoroughly reviewed in this study. This paper emphasizes how important it is to have strong cybersecurity strategies in educational technology efforts by looking at common attack vectors, case studies of cybersecurity problems, and an examination of current cybersecurity measures. This study attempts to give insightful information for educators, legislators, and cybersecurity experts entrusted with safeguarding institutions from cyber threats in smart education environments by identifying vulnerabilities inherent in those systems and suggesting mitigation techniques in the digital age.

Keyphrases: Attack Landscape, Cybersecurity, mitigation strategies, Smart Education, Threats, Vulnerabilities

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