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Application of the Optimisation Methods in Designing Logistic Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 5340

5 pagesDate: April 18, 2021


A lot of studies in different fields are researching, creating and developing principles, methods and tools to find the solutions which are possible for all tasks and problems that occur in management, technical, production and other systems. In practice, we might be facing with different situations where several ways to manage them are in disposal. The aim is to find the optimal solution, which depending on the situation can be cost effective, will realise the highest possible profit, and will use the shortest possible time to reach the main goals through optimal usage of all human, technical and financial capacities. These solutions will be the main preconditions prior to undertake the managerial decision, its implementation, continuity or in planning activities. In this paper we will try to find the optimal way to design the production systems for small enterprises, in order to find the best appropriate solution that fulfils the economic and technological criteria for material, energy and information flow, including production capacities based on the market needs and the flexibility of labour force. Our aim is to apply variety of methods for finding the initial and optimal solutions for the problem of transport, by comparing different methods, including well known degeneration methods to eliminate the obstacles that arise during the implementation of different activities for finding the optimal solution.

Keyphrases: optimal design, problem of Transport, production system

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