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A swift approach to perform automated testing in Scrum

EasyChair Preprint no. 1646

7 pagesDate: October 13, 2019


As the time of development and delivery of software applications is shrinking day by day, the quality of software is also being compromised. No one knows how much testing should be done, however it becomes quite easy to estimate days required to perform software testing. Any activity is automated to save time and achieve more in short time. However, when software testing is automated then the situation is inverse. Yes! Test automation takes time initially and gradually generates a return on investment. It becomes an issue when software development companies are following agile models like Scrum where the time to deliver is maximum 30 days and quality assurance activities get insufficient time to perform manual testing even. There it is a big challenge to perform test automation for achieving even better quality. As more software companies are adopting Scrum these days, so dealing effectively with test automation is becoming a major issue that needs attention. Therefore, this research activity will be done in software testing industry to find possible ways through which automated testing could be performed in Scrum model and ensure software quality without delaying software delivery. In This research will enable software quality assurance and test engineers operating in Scrum environment to analyze testing requirements, generate test scripts, log defects and present test results to maximize software quality before it is shipped. As of now this research will focus on lifting automated testing scope in Scrum only, however this study could be used in future to address same problem in other Agile models like Kanban, XP, Lean Development and Scrumban.

Keyphrases: Extreme Programming (XP), Kanban, Return on Investment (ROI), Scrum, Scrumban styling

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