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Innovation Contests in Public Procurement: Challenges as a New Instrument?

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28 pagesDate: March 31, 2023


Political decision-makers are showing great interest in the ability of public procurement to promote the innovative capacity of private companies through public contracts. Suppliers are increasingly seen as a source of innovation in the public sector. In this context, the use of innovation contests in public procurement is increasingly observed. Challenges represent a special type of innovation contests. A goal of the paper is to be it the concept of Challenges exploratively to examine and the use in the public procurement. In this paper, an exploratory case study was conducted to examine selected design elements of challenges and to identify factors critical to the success of challenges. This study helped to increase understanding about this type of innovation contest and to identify alternatives to previously used innovative public procurement tools. The results indicate that challenges have the potential to efficiently develop and utilize supplier innovations in public procurement.

Keyphrases: innovation competition, innovation contest, public procurement

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