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Architecture Analysis, Cloud-Based Using MQTT Protocol for Braille Literacy

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7 pagesDate: August 7, 2023


The use of assistive technologies and social inclusion
is becoming increasingly important in both traditional education
and active learning methodologies. In innovative education, tech-
nologies can play a crucial role in teaching people with disabilities
(PWD), offering new perspectives in learning. In this context, this
work is specifically aimed at individuals with visual impairments,
specifically those with total loss of vision, whether congenital or
acquired, or even for individuals interested in learning Braille.
The learning needs in this case are based on sensory per-
ception, such as touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Therefore, the
objective of this study is to present a cloud-based architecture
that integrates a tactile reading device and Braille display, which
is simple, low-cost, and uses a lightweight messaging protocol
like the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), widely
used in Internet of Things (IoT) architectures.
In this architecture, the entire process of converting text into
Braille occurs in the cloud. The used device has voice com-
mands issued, received, and processed through an Application
Programming Interface (API), commonly known as API, which
performs the conversion of text to Braille. Then, the device
prepares to display the points in high or low relief in a Braille
cell, representing each character of the text. In this way, the
visually impaired person can read the character through touch
This architecture could provide a practical and accessible
solution for learning Braille and for reading by visually impaired
individuals, enabling greater inclusion and active participation in
the educational process.

Keyphrases: Braille, Cloud Computing, e-learning, Education, Internet of Things, IoT, MQTT, visually impaired

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