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The Value of Extended Reality Techniques to Improve Remote Collaborative Maintenance Operations: a User Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 12132

11 pagesDate: February 15, 2024


In the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, data extracted from building information modelling (BIM) can be used to create a digital twin (DT). The algorithms of a BIM-based DT can facilitate the retrieval of information, which can then be used to improve building operation and maintenance procedures. However, with the increased complexity and automation of the building, maintenance operations are likely to become more complex and may require expert intervention. Collaboration and interaction between the operator and the expert may be limited as the latter may not be on site or within the company. Recently, extended reality (XR) technologies have proven to be effective in improving collaboration during maintenance operations, through data display and shared interactions. This paper presents a new collaborative solution using these technologies to enhance collaboration during remote maintenance operations. The proposed approach consists of a mixed reality (MR) set-up for the operator, a virtual reality (VR) set-up for the remote expert and a shared Digital Model of a heat exchanger. The MR set-up is used for tracking and displaying specific information, provided by the VR module. A user study was carried out to compare the efficiency of our solution with a standard audio-video collaboration. Our approach demonstrated substantial enhancements in collaborative inspection, resulting in a significative reduction in both the overall completion time of the inspection and the frequency of errors committed by the operators.

Keyphrases: collaboration, Digital Twin, Mixed Reality, Operation & Maintenance, Virtual Reality

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