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Fuzzy Non-monotonic Logic Using Two Membership Functions Known and Unknown

EasyChair Preprint no. 3500

7 pagesDate: May 29, 2020


 John McCarthy proposed non-monotonic reasoning for incomplete information in which reasoning is changed if knowledge is added to the system. Non-monotonic reasoning. Nonmonotonic Problems are undecided. An undecided problem has no solution. A method needed to solve undecided AI problems. In this paper, fuzzy modeling for non-monotonic logic is studied as method for non-monotonic reasoning. The Fuzzy non-monotonic reasoning is studied with a twofold fuzzy logic. Fuzzy truth maintenance system (FTMS) is studied for fuzzy non-monotonic reasoning. Fuzzy logic programming is given for non-monotonic reasoning some examples are discussed for fuzzy non-monotonic reasoning

Keyphrases: FTMS, Fuzzy Logic Programming, fuzzy sets, incomplete knowledge, non-monotonic reasoning, twofold fuzzy sets

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