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Evaluation of Mechanical Properties by Grain Refining of Low Carbon Steel Under Various Cooling Media

EasyChair Preprint no. 5172

18 pagesDate: March 17, 2021


The determination of the property of low carbon steel depends primarily on the cooling medium, recrystallized temperature and critical cooling rate. The higher the cooling temperature, the greater the probability of forming coarse grains of the martensite crystal structure and the lower the cooling rate, the greater the likelihood of forming fine grains of an evenly spaced pearlite and martensite crystal structure. The cooling medium specifically influences the microstructure of the cooling material and the analysis of the microstructure is carried out by adding various cooling mediums, such as ice water, water (at 250 C), oil (SAE 15W-30) and boiling water (at 1000 C). The cooling rate primarily depends on the fluid viscosity. The viscosity is greater, leading to fine grain, and vice versa. The cooling temperature must be lower than the critical cooling rate, because only improvements in the development of fine grains and the hardening of the strain and residual stresses must be altered. The specimen is characterized by various mechanical tests i.e. microstructure inspection, hardness, tensile and impact. to evaluate the properties of the material used in the specific applications.

Keyphrases: Cooling medium, Critical cooling Temperature, heat treatment, Microstructure

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