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Understanding Users Perception to Ride Multi-Modal Public Transport System

EasyChair Preprint no. 4714

4 pagesDate: December 7, 2020


Travel using public transportation offers financial benefits to the people. However, reaching a destination by using a single mode of public transport seems to be difficult in metropolitan cities. Need to change more than one transportation mode by taking transfer at an interchange becomes necessary in such cases. As a result, the transfer facilities and their characteristics affect city dwellers' perception to ride using Public modes of transport. With this background, the present study aims to understand the factors influencing people's behavior to use public transport, including transfer for the Surat city. Based on 752 non-transit users' responses, the Structural Equation Model was developed using AMOS software. The Results revealed that factors like 'monthly income,' 'in-vehicle time,' 'crowding at the interchange,' 'frequency of others mode at the transfer station,' 'travel time reliability' and 'customer guidance at interchange' play a crucial role for attracting people to use public transport with transfers.

Keyphrases: Non-transit users perception, Public transport system, Structural Equation Modelling

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