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Simulation of Low Power SDR on an FPGA for Intersatellite Communication Using MATLAB and Simulink

EasyChair Preprint no. 8602

5 pagesDate: August 4, 2022


The explosive increase within the ways and approach by using which human beings want to speak – statistics verbal exchange structures, speech communications, video communications, telecast messaging, control and command communications, disaster response communications, and soon. It is grow to be enterprise important in an effort to alter radio gadgets hastily and cost-correctly. SDR generation gives community operators and product builders the versatility, cost efficiency, and strength they need to move communications ahead, with the far benefits for stop users. SDR is a radio has a few or all of its middle network functions defined by means of software program. SDR is a radio-frequency wi-fi verbal exchange tool that may be modified the usage of software, described via software program. A software-defined radio is something that has some or all of its physical layer operations distinctive by software.

Keyphrases: FPGA, Intersatellite communication, low-density parity-check code, SDR, synchronization

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