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Quantum Occasionalism

EasyChair Preprint no. 3349

14 pagesDate: May 8, 2020


Both transition and transformation link the ideal and material into a whole. Future is what “causes” the present, and the latter in turn is what “causes” the past. That kind of “reverse causality” needs free choice and free will in the present in order to be able to be realized unlike classical causality. A few properties feature the concept of “quantum occasionalism” as follows. Some hypothetical entity generates successively a series of well-ordered states. That hypothetical entity is called “coherent state” in quantum mechanics and defined as a superposition of all possible states of the quantum system. The already generated well-ordered series can be interpreted as a causal sequence. Thus the generating cause remains hidden behind the visible well-ordering of the series and hides itself behind the perfect visible order created by it. That visible order only seems to cause itself by itself.

(A technical note: the slides of the presentation highlight ten passages in the text of the paper in its context. Those passages are enumerated and expressively designated by numbers from one to ten in the text, which is attached as additional slides for for the convenience of readers,)

Keyphrases: causality, choice, freewill, Occasionalism, quantum occasionalism, Reverse Causality

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