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Cyber Bullying at Workplace as an Inhibitor in Diversity and Inclusion Practices

EasyChair Preprint no. 9383

33 pagesDate: November 28, 2022


Cyberbullying was once generally considered with school and college-going teenagers, no surprise there are a lot of studies that address different perspectives on it. But it has expanded in the work environment hugely. Bullying at the workplace has also been discussed before technology and social media took over the working culture. To the best of our knowledge, there is a scarcity of studies that discuss workplace cyberbullying. A systematic literature review (SLR) for workplace cyberbullying has rarely been reported. There is also a need to study workplace cyberbullying with context to workforce diversity. Addressing these research gaps our study seeks to provide a brief review of workplace cyberbullying. This study is designed to understand how workplace cyberbullying can act as a stumbling block in diversity and inclusion practices and also to get an insight into the legal measures for preventing cyberbullying. An SLR has been carried out to understand the literature in more detail to identify previous studies addressing workplace cyberbullying published from the years 2000 to 2021. 60 out of 571 articles fall within the established inclusion criteria. The author has proposed an Ishikawa diagram showing antecedents of workplace cyberbullying at the individual and organizational levels. This study reveals that the diversity dimensions play a key role as one of the antecedent variables of workplace cyberbullying. The result of SLR indicated that employees are being bullied for their distinctive race, culture, geological foundation, sexual orientation, disability, and gender identity. Amid this loop, diversity and inclusion practices, arrangements, and projects run by organizations begin to collapse as workplace cyberbullying works as an inhibitor for these strategies.

Keyphrases: diversity and inclusion, social media, Systematic Literature Review, workforce diversity, Workplace cyberbullying

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